This is the Ghana Union of Gothenburg (GUG)

GUG - an association of Ghanaians and affiliates living in Gothenburg

The Ghana Union of Gothenburg is an association of Ghanaian residents in Gothenburg and its surroundings. Membership of the Union is opened to all residents of Sweden who have genuine interests in Ghana.


The Ghana Union of Gothenburg was formed in 1994. The motivation was to create a body that would bring together Ghanaians living in Gothenburg. This initiative was driven by several Ghanaians in Gothenburg notably Mr. Francis Quartey, Mr. Moses Parry (deceased) Mrs. Agnes Osei-Bonsu Gyamfi, Dr. Osei Kofi, Mr. Isaac Vanderpuije, Mr. Yaw Damoah and Mrs. Matilda Åbom.


Aside the vision of bringing Ghanaian residents in Gothenburg together, the Union was formed to help sustain and pass on the essentially rich cultural heritage of Ghana to the growing new generation of Swedish-born Ghanaians. In order to translate this determination into a dynamic force, the Union sought to create conditions that would foster unity, peace and security.

The Union has since 1994 gone through various stages of development. In February 2015, the Union was restructured with the aim of reaching out to a broader mass, including Ghanaians, associates of Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians resident in the Gothenburg region who have genuine interests in matters relating to Ghana. The ideals and purposes as envisioned by the founding members remain the guiding principles of the Union.