Welfare Draft Proposal

Ghana Union of Gothenburg Welfare Committee


Draft Proposal


Mission: To improve the quality of lives of the Ghanaian community in Gothenburg by putting in place a support system to enable a vibrant and inclusive community proud of it’s origin and it’s new environment.


The welfare committee shall consist of

Chairperson: Ruhia Mahama

Members: Gifty Adom

Mark Kwamina

Gilbert Mensah


Duties include but not limited to


1.Advisory: Assisting any union member who wishes to discuss a welfare issue

Contacting anonymously is available (to enable a fair and welcoming environment to everyone including those who do not wish to be known personally)


3.Bereavement Support: Any union member who loses a close relation (mother/father/offspring/spouse) is entitled to a courtesy visit from the union to mourn with the family. This will be independent of any funeral arrangements organised by the family)

4.Support and integration of new arrivals

•Information about Sweden in general and Gothenburg in particular will be made available to new arrivals or people in Ghana planing on moving to Gothenburg for study or work purposes.


Categories of new arrivals:

•Particularly economic migrants wherein economic migrants refer to people who arrive in Gothenburg solely to work and not for family reunification purposes.


5. Research: Periodic Research into the needs of the Ghanaian community in gothenburg to be updated on focus areas.


Welfare Fund

Members shall contribute an amount of 100kr/month or 1200kr a year to a welfare fund which will be utilised for the following life changes:



1.Death of a (member or an immediate family member herein defined as offspring/spouse/mother/father)

•an amount of xxkr

•a card of condolence


•A card of congratulations

•An amount of xxkr



•A get well soon card/Flowers.


4.Graduation (High school,university,recognition of educational achievement eg.attaining a PhD degree.)



•(Youth attaining the age of 18-Flowers/Birthday Card)




Members are to inform the union of any of the above life changes for the appropriate action to be taken.