Website design course

Course Description

The course will take 4 weeks (3 hours per week)

Cost => 1000 kr/ participant

For Beginning participants

At the end of the course participants will understand the need for planning in website development. They will be able to install WordPress on their personal computers and create a local server on their computers by installing one of the many open source cross-platform web servers.

Participants will understand the difference between working in the front-end and back-end of WordPress platform. They will understand the settings and functions of the menus at the back-end.

They will be able to do basic back-end editing (create pages and posts, add pictures to post, create main menu and submenu, etc.)

For Advance participants

Participants will be able to install plugins and free templates from the Internet. They will understand the benefits of using Child-themes. They will be able to customize the templates and fonts using CSS within the Child-theme. They will be able to understand basic HTML and CSS tags/syntax and use it to do basic editing in the back-end code.

Expectation from the tutor

Beginners – Will create their personal portfolio using WordPress.

Advance – Create a portfolio using Child-themes and CSS to customize font and colour.


Each participant should have a computer and an Internet access to be able to download WordPress and web server. Or they should download it at home before attending the course.

Other info

All participants will be assisted by the tutor to create a sub-domain under the Union’s main domain. The sub-domain will show participants how to edit ‘live’ website on the Internet. All sub-domains will be deleted one week after the end of the course to allow participants to download their files if they want.

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