The Union

The primary mission of the Ghana Union of Gothenburg is to promote Ghanaian cultural heritage and see to the interests of Ghanaians and affiliates in Sweden.

As a minority group in Sweden promoting our cultural values is of immense benefit to the growing number of Swedish-born Ghanaians who may not have the opportunity to experience these values first-hand. Another important purpose of the Union is to assist Ghanaians appreciate the Swedish values and integrate into the Swedish society, while maintaining our unique identity as Ghanaians.

We are also taking steps to contribute to the development of our motherland. We have in recent times discovered increased interest by Swedes in Ghana in terms of visiting as tourists and with intentions to invest. We believe that our collective efforts will go a long way in promoting understanding and fostering good relations between the people of Sweden and Ghana. Tapping individual successes of Ghanaians in Gothenburg and Sweden would help propel the integration of new arrivals which will auger a faster development of these individuals in Sweden.