COVID-19 Response Fund

The emergence of the novel COVID-19 has posed a lot of challenges to individuals, families and nations at large. There is a daily increase in the number of cases in our country that are supervised in the hospitals – some requiring extra medical interventions. However, the continual increase in the cases do not correspond with the available resources making it risky and uncomfortable for those at the front-line to render the required duties; and patients not receiving the best of service they require.

The result is that some front-liners are often exposed to the risk of being infected with the deadly virus with all the associated clinical implications for infection control.  This condition clearly does not befit the status professionals Рwhom we acknowledge and celebrate for everything good that has happened in our lives and devote substantial amounts of our time and energies to eulogize them both in words and many deeds. We can neither also accept this, as the best of treatment for those who have fallen victims to this deadly disease.
Moreover, with the strategic and aggressive posture taken by the government to trace and mandatorily quarantine all those who recently travelled into the country from overseas coupled with (initial) two weeks locked-down of the epicentre, the urgent need to solicit for support cannot be overemphasized.

Not to mention, it is assuring that there are requisite numbers of health professionals who are committed to offering quality healthcare to numerous patients. The request is motivated by the fact that health care is expensive, and health is a source of uncertainty and externalities as such, there is not enough budgetary allocations to meet such demands and have always had to rely on the benevolence of individuals and organizations. The government is doing extremely well but has not been adequate, as the various institutions are equally competing for the limited resources at her disposal.

What will we do with the benefit or money go that come out of this?
The main objective of this initiative is to get funding to support the fight against the novel COVID-19 menace, which has become a cankerworm eating into the fabrics of our dear country. Under this project, we want to support the government by sending all proceeds into the COVID-19 National Trust Fund – a special fund that is set up by the government to fight the virus.

How would or could this initiative help the (mass) people of Ghana?
There is no gainsaying the fact that the overall objective of the project is to improve upon the general well-being of the people living in Ghana through;

– the provision of medical supplies to be used on our families who may need care arising from the current health conditions.
– boosting the morale of the front-liners as they work in aesthetic beauty that can be therapeutic, ensures the safe practice of infection control, and quality of care delivery to their ever-increasing patients.

How much in funds are we seeking to get through this initiative?
There is no budget allocated for this project. However, we hope to raise a substantial amount to bring smiles to the faces of our people who might be in need at this crucial moment.

Where do I send my donations?
All donations can be sent to the following details below:

Online Fundraising:

Swish number: 123 036 81 00
PlusGiro: 750774-2

No amount is too small.

Thank you!