Who can be a member

Ghanaians residing in Sweden.
Non-Ghanaian members of Ghanaian families resident in Sweden
Non-Ghanaians who have the interest of Ghana at heart
Persons who have shown proven interest in Ghana and have been given honorary status

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Membership Dues

Annual membership fees

Membership dues are as follows

  • 100kr ….students
  • 200kr…..single
  • 300kr…..couples with no children
  • 500kr…..Families(couples with children under 18yrs of age)

Members can settle their annual fees to the treasurer of the union or by paying directly into the union’s accounts using the plus giro number.

When using the PlusGiro number, members should also include the following details in the OCR/message section – Full Name, name of spouse, names of children, address, telephone number and email.

Plusgiro number: 750774-2.